Did I Say That?

If you ever say the wrong thing as I sometimes do, it may stir your interest to consider that there is a “switch” you can turn on to be happier, healthier in your mind and body, AND more prosperous and … Continued

Spring, 2017

Finally…… even though some of us may long for more sunny days, spring is sprung! Along with new life bursting out all over in creation, churches everywhere celebrate new life in Christ!   (I’d love to give credit for this … Continued

Do You Know the Holy Spirit?

If you’re listening, it’s not difficult to hear Him. He communicates through faint impressions, dreams, visions, circumstances, nature, other people, and of course through Scripture. Most of the time, though He speaks in a still, small voice. The Holy Spirit … Continued


Life offers us “epiphany moments.” The word “epiphany” in Christian lingo refers to the star that the three wise men followed to where they found the child Jesus in the manger with mother Mary and stepdad Joseph. In light of … Continued

God Story!

Yesterday my wife and I came out of Walmart to discover a dead battery. I had not even gotten the hood of the car up when a good friend approached who had jumper cables and got us going quickly! It … Continued