Life offers us “epiphany moments.” The word “epiphany” in Christian lingo refers to the star that the three wise men followed to where they found the child Jesus in the manger with mother Mary and stepdad Joseph. In light of prophecy that guided them by a star, and being moved emotionally and spiritually by the experience, they rejoiced in seeing and worshipping the Savior of the world, Jesus! The wise men then offered symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Matthew 2:1–12).

Gold of course was offered to demonstrate that nothing is too good for God. When we worship Him, we offer the best we have, not the leftovers. Frankincense was included to reflect the importance of our heavenly worship, in that it has a lovely smell; it is pleasing to God. Myrrh, however, introduced a tragic note–it was a substance that was used to prepare bodies for burial. Why think of burial while worshipping the Savior of the world? His saving actions would include the baby growing up to be a man, preaching and the Good News of grace, love and forgiveness for all people and the being put to death for His good efforts.

Thankfully, He would rise again from death, raising up all who believe in Him to eternal life. Everything He did, from being born at Bethlehem to rising from death to life, would show and reveal Him to be THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

There is an action line here that we can relate to if we wish. Like the wise men, if we seek Him, we will find Him, and our hearts too will be filled with love, peace and joy! As part of our being filled with joy in worshipping Jesus, we will do well to offer Him the best gifts that we have, especially the control of our lives. Immediately in the Bible story in Matthew, there was trouble: King Herod hated Him and wanted to kill Him–so His family had to become political refugees and flee to a foreign country, Egypt and stay there until Herod was dead.

In every age, and in our time as well, there are those who hate Jesus and oppose efforts to seek Him and follow Him. In my own life, I was ready to give my life totally to Him at age 30 (I’m now 68). There was an immediate problem: I was an active alcoholic. I owned a home at the time and had house mates who had to be asked to leave, since they wanted to continue to have drinking parties, and I didn’t. They were belligerent, stole from me but finally did leave, and I pray for them and wish them well. Like the three wise men, we will always find that the enemy, the devil, is trying to “kill Jesus” in our lives. Satan cannot touch Jesus now, since He has conquered death and is truly the King of all creation, but the enemy of our souls will try to diminish, divert or even destroy Jesus’ presence in our lives. We can defeat the enemy by always turning to the light that Jesus is–believing in Him, rejoicing in His Word daily, following Him in all things (see Isaiah 48:17–19).

My story is that I haven’t always followed Jesus perfectly (no one does), and my deliverance from alcohol way back then was off and on, but God prevailed eventually! I now celebrate 28 years of continuous sobriety. The light has come to my life; I’ve had my epiphany–daily surrender, walking daily with Jesus fills me with love and joy! He reveals Himself constantly through other believers, through His Word, the Bible and through obeying Him. He will always light up our lives when we come to Him, asking for light (John 1:12; 3:21).

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Pastor Cyril

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